Two guys are “mad as f–k” about all the sh*t Big Oil has undammed in the Gulf of Mexico, and they’re hoping the rest of the internet is too. Nate Guidas and Luke Montgomery are the organic-eating, vegan minds behind the dirty-mouthed campaign to Unf–k the Gulf. They’ve created a t-shirt to raise funds for charities working to scrub oil off Gulf critters and out of our energy policy.

Because the t-shirts didn’t appear to be organic, I asked them, WTF? They responded, “The T-shirts are not organic. We wrestled with this and it came down to an evil question of being able to make the numbers work. We’re hoping to use organic shirts in a second run if demand is there.” So buying a non-organic t-shirt may enable cleaner tees for future Gulf Unf–kers. F-ING UPDATE: I’ve been told that a decidedly less-oily, organic American Apparel shirt is being adding to the line-up.

Four charities are vying for your votes each month to determine which one reaps the benefits of dropping this fabric f-bomb. They are Louisiana Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, LA Gulf Response, Earthjustice, and Greenpeace USA. You can vote on their unf–cking website. But if you’re not into “making a statement that is seen and heard in a loud way,” as Guidas and Montgomery told me, they’re all about people donating directly to any of those worthy charities instead.

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Watch their campaign to swear off oil below. (However, the delicate-types may want to cover their ears — and speakers — like BP covered the sea.)

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Oil Spill Charity “F-Bomb-A-Thon” from UnF– on Vimeo.


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