Two things close to my heart — the epic nature documentary and the wry mockumentary — come together in this masterful mating display chronicling the circle of life for a “disposable” plastic bag.

“Today we explore the cycle of life of this curious creature, the plastic bag, on its migration to its home, the Pacific Ocean,” narrates the deep tones of Jeremy Irons (who lent his voice to Scar in The Lion King, of course).

Despite dangers lurking around every corner — Park Services employees, teacup Yorkies, tree branches, hungry dolphins — the persistent plastic bag finally takes its place in the marine millings of the great plastic herd known as the Pacific Garbage Patch.

The following cinematic jest is the work of environmental nonprofit, Heal the Bay, in its efforts to keep the non-native plastic bag from invading Pacific waters. It’s part of a campaign in support of a bill to ban the bags from California retailers, their primary vector for invading the salty seas.

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Watch the awe-inspiring footage captured of this persistent creature:


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