whiskey in a car bottlePhoto: DaGoaty via Flickr

Scottish scientists have been thinking a lot about drinking and driving lately. So much so that they may have cracked open the code to a biofuel actually worth toasting: They’ve poured the world a promising fuel distilled from the whiskey-making process. Like whiskey itself, this biofuel packs a punch, producing butanol, which knocks the traditional biofuel, ethanol, off its feet with 30 percent more power.

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Should we give this new fuel a shot, it could be served straight up in your car’s tank (neat!), and possibly, even in airplane tanks, where it would probably be served in those mini liquor bottles. And since the materials are by-products instead of dedicated crops, nothing will get wasted — except, perhaps, all the overjoyed whiskey-drinkers who will be putting a few back for the planet.


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