The Climate DeskSince its launch in 2000, the sleek shelter magazine Dwell has helped popularize green architecture and design. In this interview, Alison Stewart of PBS’s Need to Know speaks with Dwell‘s Senior Editor Aaron Britt.

Britt talks about the absurdity of 44,000-square-foot “green trophy houses,” discusses the limits of LEED certification, and declares that “disposable architecture is the big enemy.” He also says that having a greener home isn’t all about technology. It can can be as simple as changing your mind: “I think there’s this sense that we can sort of tech our way out of our energy problems, and I don’t think that’s the case. I think we really need to alter our habits … We need to think about, ‘What do I really need?'”

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This story was produced by PBS: Need to Know for the Climate Desk collaboration.

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