Afghanistan 10-10-10 tree plantingPhoto:

Climate tree-ty: Organizers of the Afghan Youth for Social Development and Tolerance planted trees in Kabul, Afghanistan. Their efforts were one of more than 7,000 other examples of people getting to work to combat climate change for’s 10/10/10 Global Work Party. See what citizens in China, Uganda, and other places around the world were doing to show politicians how to get to work on climate change. And tell us what you did in the comments below.

Australia 10-10-10 gardenPhoto:

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Growing campaigns: In New South Wales, Australia citizens built a vegetable garden.

10-10-10 ChilePhoto:

Some like it hot: Volunteers in Desde, Chile tested a new solar hot water heater.

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China 10-10-10Photo:

Big plan on campus: In Beijing, China more than 30,000 students launched the “Great Green Initiative,” the largest grassroots youth-led environmental campaign in history.

10-10-10 Colorado Photo:

Tired yet? Keep building!: Locals from Gunnison, Colorado, used tires and earthen materials to build a carbon-neutral home.

10-10 GermanyPhoto:

Aaaaaaaard work: The Klimapiraten (“Climate pirates”) called on passers-by to make the switch to renewable energy in Berlin, Germany.

10-10-10 NamibiaPhoto:

Bright idea: In Namibia, organizers installed solar panels in the Namib Desert.

10-10-10 Sri LankaPhoto:

Tree spirit: People planted trees in Kiula, Sri Lanka.

10-10-10 TurkeyPhoto:

Walkability: More than 7,000 marched in Istanbul, Turkey to promote the passage of clean energy policies.

10-10-10 UgandaPhoto:

The world gets schooled: In Iganga, Uganda, 1,600 students, community members, and the school chairperson installed solar panels and planted trees at the local high school.

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