Reflection of landfill in sunglassesReflecting on trash.Photo: ViewChange.orgA rap about recycling? Why not? (With a surprisingly decent rap about organic dairy, anything’s possible.) recently held a contest for the best online short films celebrating global development. The best in the “sustainability” category comes from Welfame, a hip hop group made up of eight kids from Nairobi slums. The vid, “Trash Is Cash,” touts recycling as a way to lower pollution and “make a town a green town.”

Huffington Post says Nairobi businesses dump 1.5 tons of trash daily at Dandora and Korogocho, two slums with no garbage collection — but 80 percent of that could be recycled. From a park to a trash heap, the kids rap, “Youth employed for garbage collection, an ideal correction,” among other rhymes. (Read all the lyrics here.)

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Watch it here. (But be forewarned, the chorus “No more pollution, trash is cash” may be stuck in your head for hours).

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