How big is 320 square feet? It's roughly the size of a school bus. And Debra and Gary live in that amount of space with their teenage son. Why? Well, for starters, because it cost them $15,000 to build and now they're mortgage-free. They pay less than $150 a month to rent the land, which supports both their tiny house and their tiny workspace. And that's not even getting into how little they must pay for utilities. A tiny house means fewer emissions and less waste, but for this family it also makes damn good financial sense.

They don't feel cramped, either. Debra says the house can sleep "probably six people comfortably, eight to 10 people uncomfortably." Their kid even has sleepover parties in his tiny mouse-hole loft. In the video above Debra shows how they manage to pack in full-size appliances, guest space, the kid's bedroom, a study, and a pantry into a Borrower-sized home.

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