According to a Media Matters report, cable news channels are flooding the airwaves with people who oppose the EPA's rules regulating greenhouse gases: They get four times as much airtime as supporters. Of 199 guests discussing EPA rules on cable news shows between December 2009 and this April, 152 opposed the rules, and only 35 supported them. (The rest were neutral.)  Given that a recent Stanford University poll showed that 76 percent of respondents think the government should regulate businesses' emissions, this is pretty out of line with public opinion.

Fox News channels were the biggest offenders — le gasp! They talked about the EPA rules the most overall, and also offered the most skewed perspective: 81 percent of Fox guests and 83 percent of Fox Business guests opposed greenhouse-gas regulation. MSNBC was almost as distorted in the other direction, with 80 percent of guests supporting the rules — but that's out of 10 total guests, whereas Fox had 64 guests of whom 52 opposed the regs. Fox was basically obsessed with this story; the anti-regulation guests on Fox News alone far outnumbered the supporting guests on every network combined. Basically, Fox News has a hate-boner for the EPA.

Oh, and Republican guests discussing the EPA regs outnumbered Democrats five to one. Damn you, liberal media!

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