Let's say you want to build a playground for refugee children from Myanmar. And let's say you also want to recycle some rubber tires. You could tie the tires to ropes and make swings out of them, like kids have done pretty much since the tire was invented, or maybe you could put them on the ground to make an obstacle course. Or, hey, you could fashion them into a sort of Gigeresque nightmare squid! That one sounds good, let's do that.

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Yes, Dutch artist AnneMarie van Splunter apparently hears things like "saving the Earth" and "improving the lives of refugee children" and immediately goes to a very dark place.  Like, R'lyeh dark. Personally I think this project, her entry for a competition to build a playground for Myanmar refugees, is kind of super amazing. But these kids seem to disagree:

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I mean, this is a concept drawing, and they're still fleeing! Surely van Splunter had to realize that something was up. The contest organizers did: They awarded Squidbeast RubberTree a prize for innovation but did not choose to produce the design. But apparently several people in the Netherlands have expressed interest in commissioning one. They have a lot of tires to get rid of, and a lot of psychological stability to get rid of too.