For the past nine years, climate deniers from all over the world have gathered for the International Conference on Climate Change, brought to you by the Heartland Institute (the same folks who deny that tobacco causes lung cancer).

This year, they’ll do the denying in oven-hot Las Vegas, a city undergoing killer high temps and record-breaking extreme drought. Approximately 600 attendees paid $126 a pop to discuss the hoax of global warming, hear about how awesome fracking is, and gamble in casinos (presumably on our future), all while sweating profusely in 90-plus-degree heat.

But what to do for entertainment? Since craps tables and the Michael Jackson/Cirque du Soleil show just aren’t enough to wash down hours of hearing about the evils of carbon pricing, the Heartland Institute booked a most fitting performer: a climate-denying rapper.

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Meet Austrian rapper Kilez More (not a call to violence, just a weird childhood nickname). Born in Vienna, Kilez just dropped his latest album, Viva la Rapvolution! More describes himself as a “system enemy“: His song “Klimawandel (Klimalüge, Klimaschwindel)” — translation “Climate Change (Climate Lies, Climate Swindle)” — warns you not to buy into all the fake data and pesky science behind climate change and think for yourself, man.

Better yet, let’s let Kilez break it down for ya in his own words:

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Climate change was not made by man/No, it’s only to keep the world in fear/NEIN!/All those who are pimpin’ it are being called experts/And the brothers who dis it are being labeled sick.

According to the song, climate change is normal, it’s always been around!

History shows in 1100 the planet was warm/In North England people were growing grapes and makin’ wine/And that wasn’t because factories were run by knights/And the shield industry driving the climate up.

In Kilez conspiracy-theory worldview, climate scientists are angling for nothing less than global dominance and genocide: Bolder lyrics include “climate happiness is only possible without children” and “Saving the climate means wiping out all humans.”

Part of me thinks someone should drop a few rhymes on them based on actual climate science, but after Kilez performance, maybe they’ve suffered enough.