There’s a rash of “greener” fashion weeks popping up everywhere for the spring 2008 fashion season. And there must be an alignment of the stars or the higher workings of an omnipotent green god, because there is barely any overlap in dates. If you were so inclined, it would be possible for you to attend every single one of the shows listed below — though the jet lag and carbon emissions from such an excursion might leave you feeling a bit … restless.

I’ll be in Seattle, Paris, and New York, and maybe San Francisco, so please drop in and say hello if you are nearby.

As enthusiasm for the green design movement continues to grow and the market becomes more robust and sophisticated, it is my (secret) hope to dethrone the Karl Lagerfelds of the world, who went on record to say, “If you want social justice, be a social worker.”

Down, down with the status quo. Hear, hear for revolution.

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Oslo Fashion Week, August 13-19. Oslo will have a number of sustainable design elements, including presentations highlighting the Norwegian Initiative for Clean & Ethical Fashion (NICE); my S4 Newsletter, compliments of Inger-Mette Stenseth; the Fretex Redesign Project; and a show featuring a slew of eco-fashion designers such as Arne & Carlos, Leila Hafzi, 2(x)ist, The Alpaca Society, and Vera & William.

San Francisco Fashion Week, August 22-26. Being green is a natural way of life in the Bay Area, so it is only natural to see some green design elements in San Francisco Fashion Week. Check out the designers Missing Piece and Velvet Leaf on the runway, and don’t miss out on the “Trends in Eco Fashion” workshop on August 26.

London Fashion Week-Estethica Exhibition, September 15-20. This showcase for sustainable designers is in its second year and promises to be bigger and better. Notable brands that pledge sustainable development and fair-trade initiatives, like People Tree, Nahui Ollin, Veja, Katharine Hamnett, Noir, and Fifi Bijoux will be present, as well as some fabulous designers who do some spectacular work out of recycled and organic fabrics, including Again NYC, Ciel, Enamore, and From Somewhere.

Seattle Green Fashion Week, October 2-6. This will be Seattle’s first Green Fashion Week, and I’m delighted to be a part of it. Runway designs include some fabulous earth-friendly fashions from Anna Cohen, Lara Miller, Covet, Sling & Stones, and a host of garments from Earth Pledge’s Future Fashion initiative.

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Paris Ethical Fashion Show, October 11-14. The Ethical Fashion Show is in its fourth year running and will feature a series of conferences, trade show, and runway show open to the public and press. EFS is always impressive because it is the only show that brings in designers from all over the world, including Africa, Asia, and Central and South America — and has a special focus on sustainable development and design.

LA Fashion Week-EcoNouveau Fest, October 12. This little fun fest will kick off LA Fashion Week. EcoNoveau will feature three eco-fashion designers and will curate musical performances and art exhibits that are designed with the principles of high aesthetics and environmentalism.

New York Design Week-Future Fashion Show, October 17. New York City, House & Garden TV, ABC Carpet & Home, and Earth Pledge will kick off the “green” element of New York Design Week. Many well known eco-fashion designers will be showcased, including Linda Loudermilk, Loomstate, and Bahar Shahpar, but a number of one-off eco-pieces created by the 7th on Sixth crowd will be gracing the runway too. Stick around and tour the sustainable design product stories in the always impressive space of ABC Carpet & Home.

Portland Fashion Week, October 19-24. Portland will kick off a Green Fashion Week in the John Ross Tower, a LEED-certified green building. Anna Cohen, Sameunderneath, and Lizzie Parker will take center stage, while new designers will be unveiled during the festivities.

Barney’s Holiday-Go Green, December. Word on the street is that Barney’s will be pledging deeper green initiatives this holiday season. All I can say is the trend-makers are starting to do some serious moving and shaking.

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