Father's Day fun

I will be your father figure, I have had enough of clime.

You’re already planning to whip up a delectable dinner for Dad; the lawn is freshly mown; and you’re saving that request for plumbing advice ’til June 16. What else could a father ask for? If you still feel the need to shop, make sure the green you drop is actually green with these easy-on-the-Earth gift ideas.

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Mmm, the world of organic beer.

Organic swillin’ and grillin’
Tom Philpott did the painstaking work of testing seven organic beers — now all you have to do is pick one Dad will like, or help him brew his own with an organic beer kit. For some great grilling, give ‘im the gift of healthy lungs and use an electric, propane, or gas grill instead of charcoal. Fire up some meat-free fare (meatless Bacon Salt, anyone?). Hardcore carnies, avoid a sick-cow burger by buying organic or sustainable meat.

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Solio cool.

Groovy eco-gadgets
It’s Dad’s day in the sun, so hook him up with solar-powered toys. Reware’s solar panel bags made from recycled pop bottles have been ogled by many a Grist staffer. Use rays on the trail to power a radio (with hand crank, if Pop’s somewhere drizzly) and to charge his iPod and phone. When he’s back on the grid, save his energy with a Smart Strip — it stops his stuff from sucking extra electricity.

Green golf duds
Fore your father’s par excellence, EcoGolf vends green tees that supposedly last 10 times as long as a standard wooden one. And in case Dad’s golfing makes a splash, non-toxic eco-golf balls dissolve in water.

If it’s good enough for Guster, it’s good enough for Dad.

Photo: Guster

Music gear and concert tix
If your dad is more “Eye of the Tiger” than Tiger Woods, get him tix to see his fave band (and keep this holiday stuff-free!) or hook him up with eco-friendly gear. Pop more of a playa? WheatwareMusic has compostable, tree-free drumsticks and guitar picks, and a guitar strap made from recycled bike tires will have the rest of his jam band jealous. Or splurge on a sustainably sourced bamboo guitar or drum set from First Act, which crafted a guitar from FSC-certified wood for Guster’s Adam Gardner.

Blade rerunner.

A close shave
The scruffy Jesus-beard look is not for all. If Dad prefers smooth cheeks, slice the toxics out of his morning routine with an eco-friendly, Grist-tested shaving cream, and check out Recycline’s recycled razors — they’re made in part from reincarnated yogurt cups.

Tofutech: It’s what’s for dinner parties.

Recycled work wear
Narwhal Co. recycles vintage neckties into wallets, wrist cuffs, and iPod/iPhone covers, which’ll look fab with Dad’s recycled-bottle suit. But seriously — recycled and organic cotton dress shirts do exist, and they’re not necessarily hein. Or deck him out in a laughably named but decently priced Tofutech polo. Delicious.