The Heat Over Global Warming” is the topic of discussion on tonight’s episode of the PBS show NOW. They’ll be chatting with high-profile activist Laurie David as well as Majora Carter of Sustainable South Bronx.

From the show’s website:

Ahead of a major scientific report on global warming to be released next week, David Brancaccio talks with Laurie David, a producer of the Oscar-nominated documentary An Inconvenient Truth and a major environmental activist.

Ms. David levels direct charges against those she feels stand in the way of her mission to alert the world about the dangers of climate change, and says America needs to lead the world in protecting the planet.

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“People are finally understanding the urgency of the issue. And I think they’re starting to look at what they can do,” David tells NOW. “But now we have to get government to change. I mean we have to take a leadership role.”

Meet the woman who made talking about global warming cool.

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Should be an interesting show. Check out your local listings to find out when it will air.