On the list of most environmentally unfriendly ways to avenge yourself on an ex-boyfriend, leaving the water in your tub running so it can flood your former squeeze’s apartment sits pretty close to the top. But punishment-by-excessive-water-use is exactly what Lindsay Lohan allegedly wrought on Harry Morton last month.

This, from TMZ.com:

Lohan lives one floor above Harry Morton, son of Las Vegas mogul Peter Morton, who just sold the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Lindsay and Harry were once an item. Last month, Lindsay’s condo flooded, sending water cascading into her ex’s unit and causing extensive damage.

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Contrary to published reports, the culprit was not a faulty pipe. According to the incident report, security officers at Sierra Towers went to Lindsay’s unit, walked into the master bathroom, “and found the water overflowing in the bathtub.” The security officer humbly wrote, “It seems that they left the faucet on. I turned it off.”

TMZ sources say Morton’s damage exceeded $150,000, and Morton wants Lohan to cough it up.

Whatever happened to a little good old-fashioned vase throwing?

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