In an effort to raise both funds and consumer consciousness, the Sierra Club is preparing to put its name on a range of eco-friendly products that will hit stores this fall — toys, jackets, pillows, bedding, and organic coffee and tea. “Our products will make it possible to create a total Sierra Club lifestyle,” said Johanna O’Kelley, the club’s director of licensing. The environmental group has contracted with companies to make products that meet its green standards, and the club will receive royalties of 5 percent to 20 percent of the retail price of each item sold. Many of the products will come with postcards addressed to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, asking him to protect Alaska’s forests. Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope said he expected the product sales to raise $1 million for the group in the first year — enough to boost the club’s lobbying efforts by 20 percent. Pope acknowledged that the group may hit rough patches as it pursues commercial ventures, but he’s optimistic about the possibilities. “Don’t be surprised if you see a Sierra Club couch,” he said.