Happy Monday, y’all. If your weekend was as awesome as mine (read: not awesome), you’ll need some entertaining celeb goss to get you going this week. So here goes:

Leonardo DiCaprio announced this weekend during press for his documentary 11th Hour (which I’ve heard, ps, is not awesome, though I hope I misheard) that he arrived at Cannes via commercial jet and tries to fly commercially as much as possible. He also defended Gore’s travel-y lifestyle:

The way he travels and the way he lives his life should not be criticised. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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I’ve listened to these attacks on Al Gore. We’re all doing the best we can. In the long term it’s about instilling [environmentally friendly principles] into governments and corporations so these things are part of our everyday lives.

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In other news, you may have heard (or seen) that Ellen did a green episode last week (also known as the "Cameron Diaz nip-slip epi"). But I just realized Ellen’s also got a green section on her website, wherein she offers 20-some tips and asks viewers to "go green with Ellen." No word on how green Ellen actually is. (She recently chartered a 767 to tape a show during a flight from L.A. to N.Y., if that tells you anything.)

She has, however, asked celebs to sit in front of a horrible "leafy" background and offer tips of their own.

Lindsay Lohan says "buy a hybrid car" and Ryan Seacrest says "eat with your hands when you order takeout." It’s all very enlightening.

But I can’t hate on Ellen too much because she did link to Grist on her resources page. And also with the getting of the green message out to millions of people.

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