When I was asked to start writing this weekly column, I toyed around with the idea of having myself a slogan: “I watch TV so you don’t have to.” It is a good thing I didn’t, because I’m failing miserably.

First, Brendon directs me to CBS’s The Amazing Race, which is in its ninth season. I gave up watching the show a few seasons ago. But without Brendon’s tip I wouldn’t have realized that in episode two, which takes place in Brazil, the teams had to make their own ethanol:

In Brotas, Brazil, Teams needed to travel to Camping Bela Vista, an old plantation, and process raw sugar cane into juice. Then, Teams had to distill fermented juice to create 500 milliliters of ethanol, an alternative fuel source. After completing the task, Teams would have to pour the newly created ethanol into their gas tanks before continuing on. While the task wasn’t demanding, completing the scientific process could take a long time. Dave & Lori, Wanda & Desiree and Lisa & Joni took the scientific route.

And then it takes New York-based blog Groovy Green to inform me that the King County government here in Washington State is running a progressive campaign called “EcoConsumer.” From the website, you can watch a variety of television PSAs (airing on KOMO4, Seattle) on topics ranging from “remodelling” your home to reducing junk mail to efficiency.

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Methinks I need a Tivo. (Could I write that off as a work-related expense? Hmm …)

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