Speaking of naked protests: This weekend, hundreds of cyclists across the world rode in what is by far my favorite protest — the World Naked Bike Ride. Riding against oil dependence, for cyclists’ rights, or just to feel the breeze on all their parts while surrounded by a bunch of naked friends and/or strangers, protestors bared all in some 50 cities in 17 countries, including London, Chicago, Seattle, and Madrid. And what could be better? Naked cycling protests combine the energy and exhilaration of three already pretty exhilarating activities: public nudity, protesting in the streets, and cycling.

Seriously, if you’ve never ridden in one, pencil it in on your calendar for the same time next year — they’re a blast! Not surprisingly, I guess, shedding your clothes — or at least, most of them — really does seem to make a difference; people in cars are almost never as nice to cyclists as they are when they’re in the middle of a rolling naked party. (There’s a lesson in there somewhere.) The WNBR is like a titillating, slightly more focused Critical Mass, with once-a-year energy. So go on, cycle naked for a good cause when you have the chance.

And in case you’re wondering, it looks much more painful than it is.

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