Oy. I am quite behind on my sporting reporting. So I bring you a linky post — thank you, David, for teaching me the ropes. (And I’m sorry you lost your 35-tab ginormous linky post last night. We feel your pain.)

Without further ado:

Both the print Sports Illustrated and a recent Wall Street Journal article mention oh-so-briefly that Phoenix Suns basketball star Steve Nash hearts the environment. However, either my Google is broken, or Nash likes to keep his green sensibilities on the downlow. Anyone got any info on this? Anyone? Bueller?

On Earth Day (goodness I’m behind) the Associated Press more or less wrote this column for me.

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From Canada: Global warming skepticism for the golfer’s soul.

China may clean up its air by creating artificial rain during the 2008 Olympics. With that under control, they are confident of a clean Games. As is London, for its 2012 outing — says organizing-committee chairperson (and bad-ass middle-distance runner) Sebastian Coe: “London 2012 One Planet Olympics will demonstrate to young people the power of the Games to bring the world together through sport to address vital environmental issues — such as climate change — and change lives through creating better ways of living and caring for the environment.”

Calamity James strikes again!

And speaking of English sports (love the segue, love it!), surfers in the U.K. are riled up about wave power plants. (For more surfer news, see this week’s Grist List.)

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And finally: What if synthetic turf is harmful? I never even thought to be concerned about artificial grass! Obviously, I should be doing more worrying.