Car enlargement guaranteed resultsGot it? You’ll flirt and flaunt it. But the human drive to mate could be killing our planet and ultimately our species, according to Matt Prescott via the BBC. We’re collectively thinking from the seat of our pants and using the wrong brain, so all of our little earth-saving intentions add up to vain fluffing, he adds. Why? Cheap energy and oil have given us new, ecologically toxic ways to compete for partners:

In a world of “bling”, the last thing a car is used for is getting from A to B; it is a symbol of wealth, power and status, and a tool for enhancing a person’s sex life … If we cannot naturally restrain the ways in which we attempt to show off, because we want to attract the opposite sex, we need to take this into account and to develop fair and robust ways of making up for our own natural limitations and of taking carbon emissions out of the ways we compete with each other.

Following that argument, then how should we remove carbon from copulation? Aren’t there already so many efforts to sex up sustainability? Hasn’t catalog porn nearly gone green? Has the ecosexual not risen? Prescott, however, believes humans grope for that cup that runneth over, but we want not if we can waste not. Framing a good time in terms of “saving” yourself or anything else sure kills the mood.

Will humanity eventually earn the biggest Darwin award ever for self-extinction, or can we save ourselves simply by lusting for this Tesla instead of my best childhood friend’s $150,000 Mercedes, and so on? Maybe we’ve got to see that Tesla ripped to shreds, like the blended iPhone, to crave it fully.

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Sex and death are supposedly the easiest sells in advertising. Those two drives merge naturally as the globe heats up, so who’s doing the limp PR job to get people goo-goo eyed over Gaia?

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