1. If only they were 100 percent effective

    A new ad campaign popping up on U.K. campuses asks: What better way to protect against climate change than with a jimmy hat salami sling love glove condom? Better latex than never! And, uh, where can we get one that size?

    Image: Friends of the Earth

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  2. Hoofin’ it

    Like the horse and buggy of years gone by, the electric Girasole alerts pedestrians of its presence with a clip-clop-clip-clop sound. Unlike the horse and buggy of years gone by, there will be no poop emissions.

    Photo: Julie-Eve via Flickr

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  3. America’s funniest video?

    We’re not sure which is scarier: the penguins in S&M gear, or the fact that it was dreamed up by Danny Tanner.

    Photo: iStockphoto

  4. The clime, it is a-changin’

    Finally, a good use for hummers: the MUSE Campaign is seeking all y’all’s climate-change ditties. So give ’em a jingle; we’ve already submitted our original song.

    Image: coolourplanet.org

  5. The first emissions cut is the deepest

    Seeking a Texas coal-plant massacre, rocker Sheryl Crow and celeb-because-she’s-married-to-one Laurie David are gonna “kick up some dust” in the Lone Star State. Meanwhile, Ethan is hawking protection for the state’s parks — and appropriately, his mullet looks bigger in Texas.

    Photo: George Pimentel / WireImage.com