1. Purple reign

    How could he just leave u standing, alone in a world that’s so cold warm? The Charles currently known as prince is recruiting climate-change bigwigs, labeling his Duchy, and cooking up other eco-plans. He’s also giving up his little red Corvette.

    Photo: Anwar Hussein Collection / ROTA / WireImage.com

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  2. The big O

    Grist staff writer David Roberts beat out Julia Roberts (ex-wife no relation) and Leonardo DiCaprio for the chance to talk about climate change on The Weather Channel. Suckas! They’ll just have to settle for Oprah.

    Photo: Michael Caulfield / WireImage.com

  3. Titz bits

    Look out, gangsta. The newest arrival to da rap game? MC Titz, kickin’ it urban-sprawl style. Dig: Brit’s great tits got mad skillz.

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    Photo: iStockphoto

  4. Urine trouble

    Rather than have passengers mellow their yellow, Chinese Southern Airlines has asked them to, um, take care of their biz before they board. And while they’re in town, tourists can now visit China’s largest nuke-power plant. Guess who won’t be going to Crawford for Christmas this year!

  5. No, we didn’t get the memo

    Xerox, the copy company that brought you the “office party butt scan,” has recently developed printing paper that erases itself, making it reusable within 24 hours. Sigh … if only we could erase the other things we did that night …

    Photo: Xerox

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