1. Hand’s across America

    Vermonter Thomas Hand — of Project BioBus and the Road to Detroit campaign, recently featured in our illustrious pages — now has a spot of honor in Cosmo‘s 2005 Bachelor Blowout. He describes his love of the outdoors and why a single flower bests a dozen roses. Two words: drea-my.

  2. Renew it all the time

    Huge news: Last year, a record $30 billion was invested in renewable energy! Schools are getting on board, and the U.S. government has upped usage more than 1,000 percent since 1999! Satisfying more than 2.5 percent of its electricity needs! At this rate, we’ll be oil-free by — oh, still never.

    Photo: DOE/Energy Northwest.

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  3. This sand is your sand

    A group of Southern California surfers is protesting a planned highway that could damage a legendary break known as Trestles. Hmm, more rebel surfers taking on entrenched bureaucrats? Must be something in the water.

  4. Wait until spark

    Love a hood mystery? EV Confidential, a whodunit about the death of the electric car (no, seriously), just got picked up for distribution by Sony. We like cars, we like squirming execs, and we like Tom Hanks, who’s all over the trailer. Go watch it.

    Photo: Josh Knight.

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  5. Sock it to me … please?

    Four U.S. manufacturers will sell biodegradable socks made from corn in Japan next year “because of Japan’s environmental consciousness.” No word on when U.S. tootsies will earn the chance to slip ’em on. Man, we always get hosed.

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