1. Mellowed yellow

    Politico-Brits are rushing to expose their eco-cred — allowing personal tidbits to trickle into the media. London mayor Ken Livingstone says he’s “let it mellow” for 15 months, while the Conservative Potty Party chair eschews the toilet entirely, suggesting that his fellow citizens pee on their compost instead. Talk about a government leak.

    Photo: J.M. Griffin.

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  2. Now this is tasteful

    If we thought our vegan readers had an ounce of irony in their flesh-free flesh, we’d recommend Pop Ink’s plates, which depict cuts of meat and cannibalistic critters. Actually, they do kinda make ya rethink those carnivorous ways. If only Fakin’ Bacon measured up.

    Image: Pop Ink.

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  3. Going the distance

    Americans are starting to shift gears: why wait for Detroit when we can make our own green cars? From cross-country eco-trippers to electrified entrepreneurs to inspired incentivizers, the clown car’s fillin’ up.

    Photo: Au Nguyen.

  4. Green Bay with envy

    Never let it be said that Wisconsin ain’t Gouda for anything. One industrious Wisconsinite is making ethanol from whey, and the state now certifies green tourism. This from the land of giant cheese hats? Imagine what could happen in the other 49.

    Photo: iStockphoto.

  5. Checkered past

    When you buy something made with recycled cardboard — say, a checkers game — ever wonder where that cardboard came from? Like, what if it was once a porno box, complete with racy language and nudie pics? And then what if a grandpa bought that checkers game at a Winn-Dixie for his 6-year-old grandson? Nah, that would never happen.

    Photo: iStockphoto.