1. Katrina’s ka-ching

    No national environmental crisis would be complete without celebs cashing in. We bring you Teri Hatcher, who’s unveiled a line of ugly (oops! did we type that out loud?) T-shirts to support hurricane relief. Meanwhile, Michael Moore may be considering a Katrina disast-umentary. That’ll show the penguins who’s boss.

  2. My cup runneth over

    “Football” fans are already salivating for next year’s World Cup in Germany. Now the eco-minded among them have reason to riot (uh, celebrate): climate-neutral finals. Investments in biogas facilities in India ought to offset at least half the fans’ beer farts.

  3. Curb appeal

    Inimitable crankster Larry David is giving away his hybrid to entice students to join wife Laurie‘s virtual global-warming march. His news comes as VW, Lexus, and BMW announce plans for new hybrids — which ought to debut riiiiiiight around the time the technology becomes obsolete.

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    Photo: NRDC and VH1.

  4. PET ship boy

    Early next month, a 31-year-old Brazilian entrepreneur will board a boat made with 2,040 plastic PET bottles and sail nearly 900 miles down the country’s São Francisco River. He’ll stop along the way to teach kids about recycling, water, and how to make little toy PETs of their own. Hey, man — whatever floats your boat.

    Photo: Projeto Mega Pet.

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  5. London calling

    Peckish for a peek at the knicker-twisting innovations of eco-Brits and others? The two-week London Design Festival kicked off yesterday. Citywide flutterings include artful bikes, snazzified buses, sustaina-chic, and more. Groovy, baby. Groovy.

    Photo: FutureFactories.

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