1. Um, forgiven

    In coastal Cali, Clint Eastwood has a rep as a Dirty-Harry developer. But that may change with his latest project, Tehama, which boasts solar and wind power, open space, an organic farm, and native plants. Of course, there’s also a golf course … you got a problem with that?

  2. Bar none

    A London-based shoe company has paired with a nonprofit to create Worn Again, a line of “trainers” (those Brits!) made from prison blankets, military parachutes, towels, thrift-store suits, and car-seat leather. So your feet will have that old-car smell.

    Photo: Worn Again.

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  3. Methanol together now

    Remember when a Sony Walkman was high-tech? Yeah, us too. Last week, Toshiba unveiled an MP3 player prototype that runs on methanol, causing all manner of bloggers to foam at the mouth. Hey, man, is that “Freedom-from-oil Rock”? Well, turn it up!

  4. Back in St. Olaf

    Sustainability a hit with the kids these days? Ya sure, you betcha. At St. Olaf College in Minnesota, it’s the theme for the entire year, weaving its way into courses, lectures, and campus tours. And yo, the organic keg stands? Awe-sum.

  5. I’m your biggest Fannie

    Great news for home buyers: Fannie Mae has introduced the “Energy-Efficient Mortgage” [PDF], which rewards green homeowners by … giving them bigger loans. That’s one small step for you, one giant leap for debtkind.

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