1. Best of in-tents

    Hello muddah, hello faddah, here we are at Glamp Granada. Glam’rous camping‘s entertaining. And we’ll surely have some fun once we’re deplane-ing. Butler’s tending to the fire. Of chef’s prepped food, we won’t tire. Maid gives pillows a little fluff-it. Why would anybody ever want to rough it?

  2. Puff daddy

    In an effort to be greener, Japanese clothing developers have designed bright-colored polos, microwavable lingerie, shopping-bag bras — and now, Stay Puft air-conditioned button-downs. Um … cool?

    Photo: Michael Caronna / Reuters

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  3. A load of Bullwinkle

    You’re off the hook, beef-eaters: It’s the concentrated moose feeding operations that are the real methane machines.

    Photo: Steve Wall

  4. Whoa, ‘zniak!

    Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak got a $700 speeding ticket for going 104 mph — in his Prius. Take that, hatas.

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    Courtesy of Toyota via Wieck Media

  5. Wheels of fortune

    So they’re ugly, flat, and a little rusty — but they’ve got a lot of potential. All they need is a makeover, and you’ll want to ride ’em all night long.

    Photo: iStockphoto

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