1. It’s not the size of the turtle, it’s how you save it

    Photo: WiLDCOAST.

    “My man doesn’t need turtle eggs,” says the sultry model in a controversial Mexican ad campaign, which urges men to stop buying the alleged aphrodisiacs and help save the endangered sea creatures. But does he need a Hummer H2?

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  2. Money-mouth co-location

    Two climate-change skeptics just bet climate expert James Annan $10,000 that the globe would cool this decade. Meanwhile, peak oil Pollyanna John Tierney bet gloomy oil expert Matt Simmons $5,000 that oil wouldn’t top $200 a barrel by 2010. Way to up the apocalyptic ante.

  3. That plastic is dope, yo

    Photo: Hemp Plastic.

    Brit company Hemp Plastics has figured out how to make plastic from hemp and recycled materials (read: no petroleum). Maybe now you can just lick the bong! (Calm down, hempsters, we kid.)

  4. No waste like home

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    Photo: BBC.

    A new home-makeover show on BBC teaches the U.K.’s most wasteful families how to clean up their act and save money through green living. It’s hosted by Penney “Pincher” Poyzer, whose nickname we just made up.

  5. Frond. James Frond.

    The Taiwanese EPA is enlisting a citizens’ brigade of undercover eco-spies, armed with digital cameras, notepads, and binoculars, roaming the heavily polluted country’s land and water to … well, we could tell you, but then we’d have to kill you.

  6. TGIF

    Remember how we told you The Grist List would be published and sent out via email every Tuesday? Funny story. We actually meant Friday, we just spelled it with a T … and an uesday. But Friday it is, from now on! Enjoy.