1. The end is derriere

    When counting down the days ’til certain apocalypse, it’s best to stay distracted. Thankfully, the Nevada Wilderness Project and University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse Progressives are both unveiling eco-themed nudie calendars for 2007. Naked rugged wild men or naked earnest coeds? We pick both. (Email for .)

    Photo: Nevada Wilderness Project

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  2. Reborn identity

    The talented Mr. Damon has departed from more familiar roles for some goodwill hunting, narrating a documentary about the world’s water crisis. Hey, maybe he’ll run into Jay-Z! Meanwhile, Joaquin Phoenix is still walking that line for non-humans, narrating acclaimed documentary Earthlings.

  3. Feelin’ sustainabler every day

    If you’re an NYC-livin’ teenage big-box-store-shoppin’ punk rocker with a jones for sustainability, check out MTV and Wal-Mart’s Everyday Green exhibit in Times Square. CFL bulbs guaranteed! Screamin’ tweens not so much.

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    Photo: jbl_nyc via Flickr

  4. Well, they sure weren’t made for walkin’ …

    Patagonia will this spring release its first footwear line — made with eco-materials like hemp and scrap rubber. Great news for reducing your footprint, but what’s up with these boot-shaped cat-scratch posts? (We do love knockin’ boots!)

    Photo: Patagonia

  5. Kickin’ it

    We’re down with Seth Green look-alike MC Esher hip-hopping his way through Sin City, hypin’ E85, and makin’ fossil fuels history. After all, he “loves Halle Berry, not Halliburton” and says we gotta kick our oil habit ’cause “this sitch ain’t workin’.” Word.

    Photo: Center for American Progress

  6. When the lights go down in The City

    Ever fantasized about sippin’ eco-tinis with Grist’s twisted geniuses? Hoped for the chance to hobnob with a blogebrity or two? (Um, why not?) Be our guest Nov. 10-12 for the Green Festival and a reader-appreesh party in San Fran. Volunteer and get in free ( for deets). We’ll be the sunglassed hotties signing autographs in the back.