1. Pomboo!

    Never mind turning children into toads — how about turning toad habitat into oil wells? This Halloween, scare the bejesus out of your friends with the Pombo mask, a tribute to the California congressman who recently proposed — seriously — selling off 15 national monuments and preserves. Trick or … eco-cide!

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  2. What are your office hours, Professor Diaz?

    We’re totally gay for William McDonough, eco-architect and world-transformation guru. Same goes for Cameron Diaz, whose work for green causes is only made more charming by her valley-girl ditzitude. But McDonough and Diaz together in one lecture hall? Swoon, we tell you. Swoon.

  3. OZO you didn’t

    From the same folks who persuaded celebrities to arrive at the Oscars in Priuses comes OZOcar, a luxury hybrid car service in New York that pampers customers with high-speed wireless internet, an iBook, satellite radio, and, oh yeah — mad treehugger cred.

    Photo: OZOcar.

  4. You still can’t make us watch fencing

    Renewable energy. Low-carbon transportation. Zero waste. Ecological restoration. It’s no hippie wet dream … ew … it’s the 2012 London Olympics. Partnering with green groups WWF and BioRegional, London will rock the “One Planet Olympics” in high cradle-to-cradle style.

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    Photo: London 2012.

  5. Kid tested, LEED approved

    Look, we know the modern green-building movement disdains McMansions and favors smaller domiciles … but this is ridiculous. Seventeen green-built dollhouses are on display in San Mateo, Calif., through Dec. 3. Take Junior to see ’em.

    Photo: Emily Hagopian.

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