Mathias Hintermann has enabled what is, hands down, the perfect afternoon. He has invented the “Backbrat” — a portable grill that attaches to the back of a bike. Bike to the park, set up shop, and slap your food of choice on this thing.

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Here’s the creation myth, as reported by Atlantic Cities:

Hintermann, a Los Angeles-area product designer … grew up in the fertile cervelat fields of Switzerland. One day, Hintermann was considering two facets of modern urban culture — more and more young people are cycling in groups, and groups sure do love outdoor grilling — when the meat gods slapped him upside the face with a bolt of fat-marbled genius: Why not combine these two things into a grill for a bike?

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Having grown up close to Germany, Hintermann invented this contraption with sausages in mind. There’s a compartment to boil sausages in beer before you grill them. But we’re pretty sure it’ll work for eggplant, onions, and red peppers, too. You don’t even HAVE to boil them in beer first, though really, why wouldn’t you.