Nebula Project

Cloudy days are generally thought of as less than desirable. But what if you had a lamp that told you a cloudy day had arrived by creating beautiful puffy white clouds inside your very own home? Might you not change your tune? OK, maybe not, but at least you’d have a really cool lamp.

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A Swiss company called Micasa LAB (who somewhat less thrillingly designed iRock, a rocking chair that charges your iPhone) has created a sort of weather lamp called the Nebula 12. It changes in color and gets lighter and darker with the actual weather. It puts out clouds for cloudy weather. It gets bright when it is sunny out. It signals a low-pressure system by taking a cue from the old adage “red sky at night, sailors delight; red sky at morning, sailors take warning,” and emitting red clouds. Sure, you could just look outside for most of this stuff, but DID YOU HEAR ME THE LAMP MAKES CLOUDS.

The next question, of course, is how does it do that? Well, according to the article I read, with technology involving “liquid nitrogen, WiFi LEDs and high power vacuum suction.” So how does that all work? I have not the foggiest (hahaha) idea. But I don’t need to know, I just want this thing in my house.

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