Hummer propaganda aimed at kids through McDonald’s Happy Meals

Sometimes a story comes along that so perfectly captures a culture’s pathologies that it should be put in a time capsule, so future generations … oh, right, there won’t be any future generations. It seems that, according to fast-food behemoth McDonald’s, this is a “Hummer of a Summer.” A new series of TV and radio ads depict happy families on their way to fatten their children and clog their arteries at McDonald’s in GM’s gas-guzzling Hummer. When they arrive, soon-to-be-obese boys can choose from eight different toy Hummers with their Happy Meal (happily, girls can learn their proper gender roles from Polly Pocket fashion dolls). Charlie Miller of Environmental Defense thinks it’s kind of a bummer of a summer: “Anything that sends a message to kids that these are the cool vehicles to buy is the wrong message.” At today’s prices, it costs about $96 to fill up the gas tank of a Hummer H2 — but don’t worry, a double cheeseburger’s only a buck.