Climate change gets splashy coverage in USA Today and U.S. News

The paradigmatically middle-of-the-road USA Today is running a series on global warming this week — guess that means mainstream America is getting hep to the crisis. Articles cover the life of an eco-groovy family in Colorado, the greening of corporate America, and the likelihood of abrupt Day After Tomorrow-esque climate changes. Alaska gets a special designation as the “poster state” for climate problems — apparently it’s melting — and is the subject of a three-part video series. Other features point out global warming’s effects on precipitation, wildlife, and the Everglades. The coverage is even interactive: readers are entreated to help scientists track the beginning of spring through the blooming of lilacs and honeysuckle, and can take a global-warming quiz. (Question No. 1: Is global warming real? Hint: yes.) Meanwhile, U.S. News & World Report has a cover story this week on preparing for and adapting to a warmer world. Who ever thought climate change would drive Brangelina’s new spawn off the front pages? Wacky.