Remember Al Gore’s “We” campaign on climate change? Boy that was a game-changer, wasn’t it? Sigh.

However, it did leave us with at least one delightful cultural curio, namely this commercial with Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich sitting on a couch, talking nice about climate change:

I never get tired of it!

Newt Gingrich will never be president, of course. His run has always been about getting attention and being seen as an Important Person — that reputation is the currency he has used to build his financial empire of books, movies, and “consulting.” It’s been a while since anyone has given a crap about him, so he needs to thrust himself back into the spotlight to rev the old money-grubbing engine up again.

So Newt Gingrich’s actual position on climate change — if there is such a thing — is irrelevant. Still, the video is hilarious. Almost as hilarious as Newt’s attempts to explain it away. Here he is defending the commercial, saying he’d do it again, and pretending that conservatives have a solution to climate change even though climate change isn’t actually a crisis:

Here he is saying that, no, actually making the commercial was a mistake, even though *mumble* all the scientists saying climate change is real *mumble* and also blah blah taxes:

That is some fancy footwork.

I’m sure if he stays in the race for a while longer, he’ll have a few more positions on the ad. But sooner or later, Romney will be the nominee and Gingrich will go back to scamming gullible right-wingers for money.

I, however, will never abandon my love of his Pelosi commercial, which more than anything else highlights Newt’s utterly egotistical, opportunistic, self-serving core.