Yesterday I appeared on The Alonya Show, a political talk show on the RT (previously Russia Today) global news network, talking about Obama’s new energy plan:

If I’d known I was going to be on TV, I might have showered. And put on a decent shirt. And shrunk my enormous head.

One thing I’d add: The “Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future” that the White House released in the wake of Obama’s speech is quite a bit more detailed and rich than the speech. In particular, there’s more on efficiency and R&D than the speech reflected.

I still think that the priority given to drilling is pointless and unproductive, that the efficiency goals are too timid, and that there’s too little on rail, transit, and smart growth. I still think this is mostly warmed-over respinning of existing policy and that Obama blew a chance to shake things up. But there’s more there than was reflected in the speech.

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