Hippies near an oil rig! Send in the SWAT team! The Guardian is reporting that armed Danish commandos have been helicoptered onto an oil rig off Greenland, out of fears that Greenpeace activists will interfere with the rig’s deepwater drilling.

Apparently Greenpeace has sent two ships to monitor the rig, owned by Scottish company Cairn Energy. The group is concerned because if Cairn experiences a spill in the deep Arctic waters, it would be nearly impossible to clean up. The Danish government, in turn, has sent two WARships to monitor Greenpeace. And now, there are armed commandos. In a just world, the next stage of escalation would involve Greenpeace mobilizing the Earth itself, in a sort of Ents-versus-Saruman epic battle. (Except there aren’t really a lot of trees in Greenland, so they might have to be ice monsters instead. Whatever, I’m not picky.)