Regardless of how they felt about global warming — from "alarmed" to "dismissive" — nearly everyone in this 2009 survey supported increased fuel efficiency standards. Even the ones who dismissed the threat of climate change weren't very strongly opposed. What's more, 90 percent of people think clean energy should be a priority for the president, including 85 percent of Republicans. And more than 80 percent support increased funding of renewable energy research.

This is more or less unprecedented in terms of public support for policy options — how often do you see 90 percent of people agreeing on anything? And Republican politicians may be starting to catch on — at least, the ones who aren't in office anymore. This week, 15 former Republican governors, congresspeople, and government officials sent a letter to President Obama urging him to increase fuel efficiency standards. (Fuel efficiency? My god, why didn't the left think of that??) Maybe Republicans who still have to win votes will soon catch on that their constituents want this stuff, too.

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