Stuck in a heat wave? Can't afford A/C? Too bad: Groups that dole out government assistance for cooling have had their funding cut and have turned away up to 80 percent of applicants.

Today's the first anniversary of the climate bill's death.

Atlanta loves trees! It charges $1,000 to chop one down. But drought, storms, invasive species, and natural causes get to kill trees for free, and they’re are all contributing to a large-scale die-off.

A federal agency created new rules for constructing interstate power lines. The rules should help wind and solar power get to markets.

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Anyone whose flight was delayed because of a volcanic eruption can now feel a teeny bit better about it: Sulfur dioxide from volcanoes is slowing down climate change. A little bit.

Boulder could own its own utility that focuses on clean energy sources.

Water is the new wind: underwater turbines are becoming more practical.

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