A plant in Texas has qualified for the first greenhouse-gas permit in the United States. Any new project that affects greenhouse-gas concentrations will need to have one in the future — though, unlike this one, the permits won’t usually come from the EPA. Texas has just refused to issue its own greenhouse permits. Because we should leave regulation up to the states!

Energy Secretary Steven Chu will be on the Hill today talking about the never-ending non-scandal that is Solyndra.

Here's a different story about the solar industry: A silicon-based solar panel maker says business is looking up.

Paul R. Epstein, who studied connections between climate change and infectious disease, passed away.

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Irene was just the beginning. Sea-level rise and storm surges could put large swaths of New York City underwater, starting in the mid-2020s.

Research labs could be moving away from using chimps as test subjects.

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