The problem with trying to make your home more energy-efficient is that energy efficiency is deadly boring. Start talking about heating systems and insulation and smart windows and even the niftiest thermostat ever, and eyes start to glaze over.

The Energy Bills, though, are funny. Ish. At least, they're funnier than any other conceivable idea that would educate people about energy efficiency. They're played by two Second City actors, and they're basically toned-down versions of Andy and Chris from Parks and Rec. Big Bill is lovable but dense, and doesn't have a clue how to keep energy use low. Little Bill is "a little tightly wound," in the words of Big Bill. But he's very conscientious and he can Help. You. Save. Energy. (Ann Perkins!)

The Bills are the brainchild of Energy Impact Illinois, which is trying to convince Chicagoans to use energy-savvy tools to deal with winter. But even those of us who don't live in cities that resemble ice pops for half the year can learn from the Bills. I promise that it will be the most fun thing about energy efficiency you’ve ever seen, or at least the most least unfun.

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