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  • Brit gives NIMBYists the tongue-lashing they deserve

    Writing in the Times (of New York, not London), Roger Cohen points out that even though 82 percent of Brits are in favor of wind power, only one in three on-shore projects is ever built, owing to "Not in My Back Yard" attitudes. Apparently Her Majesty’s citizens are all for wind power as long as it happens in one of the colonies. (“We still have colonies, right?”)

  • Critical List: Gore analogizes skeptics to racists; why Irene calmed down

    According to Al Gore, climate skeptics are the new racists: they say crazy things in casual conversation that others let slide -- for now.

    Here’s why Irene gave NYC a break.

    NASA scientist James Hansen is planning to be arrested today at the Keystone XL protest. He told Climatewire that if President Obama approves the pipeline, he "was just greenwashing all along, like the other well-oiled coal-fired politicians."

  • State Department backs Keystone XL pipeline

    The atmospheric pressure is dropping in D.C. as the hurricane prepares to move through. But in front of the White House, where protestors are pushing Obama to nix the Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline, the pressure has probably just ratcheted up. The State Department just released a report saying that the pipeline would have "minimal" environmental effects, which is a big step towards approving its construction. Thanks a lot, State Department.

  • Don’t run with green scissors

    A new "Green Scissors" report proposes to trim government spending by eliminating "subsidies and programs that both harm the environment and waste taxpayer dollars."

  • Out of jail, and more in awe of MLK than ever

    Those of us protesting the tar-sands pipeline in Washington, D.C. prove that civil disobedience is not history in America -- a living tribute to King's legacy just in time for the dedication of his memorial.

  • U.S. coal goes to China

    OnEarth takes a close look at why exactly Warren Buffett has been sniffing around Wyoming coal mines lately. Short answer: China wants coal. As George Black explains:

    Although worldwide energy-related CO2 emissions rose more last year than at any time since 1969, and the use of coal grew faster than that of any other fossil fuel, U.S. demand has actually flatlined. In 2000 coal accounted for just over half of our electricity supply. By 2010 it was down to 45 percent. … 

    Asia is a different matter. …

  • Here's the video that will convince you to go to the tar-sands protests [CORRECTED]

    If you're not out getting arrested at the protests against the Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline, we get it! Not everyone is Tim deChristopher, and that's not the only valid way to take action. But if you're on the fence about whether to head down to D.C. and get your civil disobedience on, this video might […]

  • How to make a 100 percent energy-independent island

    The Danish island of Samsoe is 100 percent energy self-sufficient, and even generates enough energy to export some back to the mainland. How’d they manage that? Well, it doesn’t hurt that there are only 4,000 people living on Samsoe, but the place is also bristling with turbines and sports a solar plant and three biomass […]

  • Sandstorms of coal ash blanket Moapa River reservation

    The Moapa River Indian Reservation is right next to the Reid Gardner Power Station and its coal ash storage ponds. Winds blow the coal ash -- a waste product that contains arsenic, lead, and mercury -- over the reservation. Residents stay indoors, because it's a like a sandstorm and they can taste the ash in their months. Even so, they have health issues like asthma and thyroid dysfunction, conditions that have been linked to coal ash.

  • Taking the suits to the street and protesting Keystone XL

    I'm a behind-the-scenes climate activist who decided it's time to trade emails and meetings for front-line action against the tar-sands pipeline.