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Climate Cities


As the climate changes, cities must change with it. Fix is exploring how our urban centers are being reimagined and what green, equitable, and resilient communities could look like. With insights from local officials, architects, residents, and more, our Sustainable Cities of the Future series examines how we’ll live, work, and play in the cities of tomorrow. (Explore the full series.)

When the people driving solutions to the climate crisis imagine the future their work could achieve, what do they see? Not the stereotypical sci-fi world of flying cars and aliens, but the real end game for the policies and practices they’re working toward.

From a world without borders to food on every street to a complete rethinking of clean energy incentives, some of them have ready answers, while others have never been asked to look that far ahead and put their visions in words. But all of their ideas could radically change the way you think about climate solutions.

And these big dreams matter. The climate crisis, and the many injustices it encompasses, is so gargantuan that at times it can be difficult to see a way forward. But a cl... Read more

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