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Climate Waste


For 589 days, climate activist Edgar McGregor spent every day cleaning up Eaton Canyon in Southern California. On March 5, McGregor took to Twitter to declare the 190-acre park entirely free of trash. His post went viral and drew the attention of climate leaders such as Greta Thunberg and Leah Stokes. And that’s not all he’s been doing –– McGregor’s climate activism extends beyond his work cleaning up the popular hiking spot in the San Gabriel Mountains.

I AM DONE!!! I DID IT!!!After **589** days of picking up trash every single day, I can say with confidence that Eaton Canyon, one of Los Angeles's most popular hiking trail, is now free of municipal waste!I'VE DONE IT!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

— Edgar McGregor (@edgarrmcgregor) March 5, 2021

McGregor has always loved nature. Growing up in Los Angeles County, he was surrounded by beaches and mountains. However, his favorite place is Eaton Canyon, which he calls “one of L.A.’s backyards.” It has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. “In elementary school, we used to come out here for field trips all the time,” the 20-... Read more

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