If you give a flip about what flops across your plate — and you want to avoid the dinner faux pas of the lady in the below video — then now is a great time to take some advice from 30 Rock and “live every week like it’s Shark Week.”


That means learning why some of the world’s largest predators are threatened by a bowl of soup. Well, many bowls of soup. The increasingly popular Asian delicacy, shark fin soup, combined with commercial fishing and bycatch, launches a deadly attack on over a quarter million sharks every day. That takes a 100-million-per-year bite out of the population.

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Even if you aren’t the spittin’ fin-nage type, having a healthy helping of other marine munchies means having healthy shark populations to keep things in check. Sea? Food is all connected.

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Discover how nonprofit Oceana is helping chum the waters of the fountain of knowledge during Shark Week, which is this week! Or check out the documentary film Sharkwater.


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