Is Cargill switching production to all tainted turkey all the time? We'd think the market for that wasn't big, but only a month after issuing a massive recall for salmonella-tainted turkey (associated with at least one death), the food giant is … issuing a massive recall for salmonella-tainted turkey. You guys, I think … I think it's a glitch in the Matrix!

Cargill implemented safety "improvements" after the last debacle, including the appetizing-sounding "antibacterial washes" (not clear if they're "washing" the equipment or the turkey and it's probably best not to ask). But so much for that!

Turns out, though, the antibiotic-resistant salmonella strain that caused the outbreak managed to resist Cargill's safety upgrades. On September 11, FSIS announced that Cargill is recalling 185,000 more pounds of ground turkey from its Arkansas plant, samples of which had tested positive for the exact same strain of antibiotic-resistant salmonella that caused the August calamity.

Apparently it only took a week for the plant to start pumping out tainted turkey. Never let it be said that Cargill isn't efficient.

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