Does this look like the face of a man who could kill a bison? Does this look like the DOG of a man who could kill a bison? WELL IT IS. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is continuing his yearlong challenge of eating healthier and more sustainably by only eating meat he kills himself, rather than meat from environmentally unfriendly factory farms. And now he's going after the deadliest game. Or wait, no. But pretty big game nonetheless.

Apparently Zuckerberg used his own Facebook profile in a presentation this week, and his status said he was cooking bison burgers. Folks were all "ha ha, we thought you were killing your own meat this year, what, did you KILL a BISON," and Zuck was all "YEAH I killed a bison, motherfucker." At least, that's how we figure it went down.

Obviously this is a more sustainable way to eat, if you're going to eat meat, since factory farms are a carbon nightmare. But I gotta wonder … are we still comfortable giving this man our personal information?

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