Thanksgiving tableLooking for creative and sustainable fare for your Thanksgiving feast? The Grist archives are a treasure trove: Check out some of our favorite recipes from years past. Bon appétit!

The main dish

Deep-fried turkey
Headed for Thanksgiving in the flyover? Lest you appear too coastally elite with your heritage turkey, you can deep-fry it for some real American cred.

Tofurky, Turk’y, and other oddly spelled non-meat options
If eating animal flesh ain’t yo thang — regardless of how idyllic the animal’s pre-slaughter upbringing was — check out this turkey-substitute taste test. (It’s doubtful you’ll be able to pass a Quorn Turk’y Roast off as the real thing, though, no matter how good you are at convincing Grandpa that the Martinelli’s is actually champagne.)

Sage-roasted chicken and pumpkin risotto
Tired of turkey? Try another bird prepared with a seasonal twist.

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Tempeh “neat”-loaf
Tired of Tofurky? Here’s a more imaginative vegetarian alternative. Or try pumpkin lasagna.

Scrumptious sides

Sweet potato rolls.Sweet potato rolls.Photo: April McGregerCranberry-orange relish
Take cranberry sauce one better with this variation.

Quinoa stuffing
Bread crumbs are for your parents — quinoa is much hipper.

Wild rice dressing
With mushrooms, sausage, and fresh herbs, this hit side just might outshine the main attraction.

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Sweet potato rolls
This is an adaptation of an old Southern recipe for potato yeast rolls, minus the hydrogenated oil. Attention overplanners: You can make the rolls as early as a week ahead and keep the dough in the refrigerator until needed.

Delectable desserts

baked pearsBaked pears.Pumpkin pie with vegan-friendly crust
Make this classic with soy milk or cow’s milk, with pumpkin puree from scratch or from a can — whatever your inclinations, this recipe tells you everything you need to know to adapt.

Baked ginger pears
Turn your Bosc, Comice, or d’Anjou pears into an easy, elegant dessert — no crust required.

Sweet potato pudding
It’s sweet, gloppy, and bourbon-infused. What’s not to love?

This classic is perfectly delicious on its own, but even better topped with bourbon-sautéed peaches. Are you sensing a theme?

And after Thanksgiving …

turkey gumbo

Turkey gumbo
Always wonder what to do with that turkey carcass? Here’s the perfect Cajun solution.

No matter what you put on the table, remember that Thanksgiving is supposed to be about gratitude, not gluttony. Or at least gratitude for a day of gluttony.

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