Proving yet again that everyone’s obsessed with food, Time has included the edible stuff in its Top 10 Everything of 2008 lists.

The mag’s “Top 10 Food Trends” list is interesting reading. Bottled water and local food are out. "Nanny-state food regulations," salmonella saintpaul, and recession dining are all in.

Actually, local food isn’t really out. The magazine heralds a "local food backlash," but after a (cursory) examination of the evidence, concludes:

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The bottom line? Buy fresh foods locally. If you must have frozen waffles, don’t sweat their origin.

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The other, lower bottom line: Don’t read "top 10 trend" lists for deep thinking or rigorous research.

More evidence that food is trendy: a bunch of D.C. wonk-writer kids have launched a food blog.