Indiana burg to become “BioTown”

The small farming community of Reynolds, Ind., is gearing up to take advantage of its ripest renewable resource: vast amounts of stinky hog poop. Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) and the Indiana Department of Agriculture have designated the one-traffic-light burg as the world’s first “BioTown.” The plan is for its homes and businesses to run on electricity generated by the burning of methane released from hog waste. “The goal is to create a new use for the manure that’s surrounding the town — as a biofuel,” says Deborah Abbott of the state Ag Department. Methane from the town sewer may eventually be tapped as well. Officials also want to get all the vehicles in town running on fuel with a high percentage of corn-derived ethanol or soy-derived biodiesel. “We’re very excited,” said Charlie Van Voorst, president of the Reynolds Town Board. “They’re advertising us as a showcase for the world.”